Since the Coronavirus pandemic began everyone at Perth & Kinross Council has had to work in a different way.

Whether that’s being retasked into a new role to deliver essential services or working from home, everyone has had to adapt in some way.

That flexibility has helped to inspire the Council’s Recovery and Renewal strategy, which aims to improve the way the Council does things to rebuild an even better Perth and Kinross for staff and citizens alike.

Underpinned by the PK Offer, it will help Perth and Kinross develop a stronger and more sustainable economy as well as a more responsive and flexible Council that better serves its communities.

Our Recovery and Renewal plans will be shaped by input from staff, residents, business and communities about their experiences of Coronavirus, what the Council did well and where we can improve.

The Recovery and Renewal Framework and strategy was approved by Councillors on Thursday.

Elected Members heard how the Council’s response to the pandemic – such as working with community groups to provide food – has demonstrated the PK Offer at work.

Four workstreams have been created as part of the Recovery and Renewal Programme, which are: –

  • Equalities, Empowerment and Fairness – Clare Mailer
  • Economy – David Littlejohn
  • Environment – Peter Marshall
  • Education & Learning – Jacquie Pepper

Councillors will set the policy and the strategic direction of the Programme through discussion with the Member/Officer Working Group and through formal decision making at meetings of the Council.

Staff will be given regular updates about what work is being done as part of the Recovery and Renewal programme and how they can get involved.