Our first two Staff Sounding Boards were held last week, with interesting discussions and ideas for action around communication and health and wellbeing. Please get involved in future sessions to help shape these topics.

Staff Sounding Boards are discussion workshops where staff review the suggestions and comments made as part of the staff engagement surveys completed earlier this year and explore what improvements can be made.

The next sessions are:

Health and Wellbeing


Thursday 5 November 10am – 11.30am


Wednesday 11 November 11am – 12.30pm

All staff are welcome to take part in these sessions that will be running throughout November.  They will last for up to one and a half hours.  Let us know if you would like to come along by emailing [email protected]

There will be additional sessions for school-based staff (or those with support roles in this area) as some of the themes and challenges highlighted within the staff survey were specific to ECS staff.  These sessions will allow school-based staff to have focussed discussions in the areas of  IT/Digital, Communication, Ways of Working, and Health and Wellbeing.  Dates and times for these sessions will follow shortly.

We have held discussions on Communication and Health and Wellbeing, exploring in more depth some of the comments and suggestions made previously by staff around these topics, and identifying what improvements could be made and the actions required.

We listened to staff discuss how they wanted regular updates, and the challenges of keeping up to date being balanced with the feeling of being deluged with information.

Some of the actions agreed around communications are:

  • Incorporating Inside News Bulletins and other news into a single weekly email instead of several separate updates
  • Organising further media training sessions to encourage people to pass good news stories on
  • Recruiting Communication Champions from all services, to set up a communication staff group, including our key corporate services
  • Reintroducing Yammer to allow communication at all levels and discussion around staff news and information

Our discussions were wide ranging around suggestions for supporting our wellbeing and we identified several actions to take forward – for example we will:

  • promote the benefits of the Lockdown Lounge by sharing the feelings and thoughts of those who take part
  • explore how to encourage people to put their hours of work on their signatures and block off time way from their screens
  • introduce the opportunity for team time meetings to invite a guest from another team once per week

We would encourage you to take part in these sessions, choosing the ones in which you have an interest, and make a difference in how we work together in future.

For further information, please contact [email protected].