Any carry forward up to the standard maximum, which is 36 hours for full time and pro-rated for part time workers, has automatically carried forward on MyView and should be used by 31 March 2021.

Further to the previous Bulletin, if you’ve continued to work during the pandemic and have been unable to take leave, following discussion with your Manager, you may be able to carry forward up to 4 weeks leave (ie 4 times your weekly contracted hours), pro-rated for part-time employees, into the next two leave years (to be taken by December 2022).  This is in addition to the current maximum carry forward.

Prior to discussing any remaining balance above your contracted hours with your Manager, please ensure all 2020 leave, including public holidays and leave over the Christmas shutdown period have been recorded and authorised through MyView. Guidance is available on how to view outstanding leave balances on MyView.

Managers should ensure that all 2020 leave taken, including public holidays, has been booked and authorised via MyView prior to confirming any additional carry forward.

Once agreed, the Manager should send an email to [email protected] confirming the balance to be added to the employee’s annual leave entitlement. This will be added to the 2021 entitlement in the first instance.  A similar process will be required at the end of 2021 for any remaining leave to be carried forward into the 2022 leave year.